About Us

The Cityline Ozone Park Civilian Patrol (COPCP) serves as a fundamental pillar of support, safety, and empowerment. We are an all-volunteer nonprofit, deeply committed to enhancing the lives of our residents through a variety of community-driven services.

Our approach is holistic and responsive, ensuring that everyone, from the elderly needing assistance in winter to families seeking stability, feel supported.


Our mission is to enhance the safety and well-being of City Line and Ozone Park through comprehensive, volunteer-driven initiatives. Dedicated to building trust, respect, and empowerment, we commit to being a dynamic and responsive presence, ready to adapt and serve, ensuring that our community is a place where everyone can prosper. Through these efforts, our neighborhoods will continue to be resilient beacons of hope and vibrancy.


We envision a community where every individual has the tools to thrive, surrounded by a network of care that responds dynamically to their most pressing challenges. Our community is one of empowerment and mutual aid, where residents not only survive but thrive. By providing comprehensive services tailored to the most pressing needs we aim to foster a safe, supportive, and prosperous neighborhood for all.

Core Values:

We pride ourselves on our core values of honesty, integrity, professionalism, unselfishness, and mutual respect. These values guide our actions and interactions with the community, as we work diligently to build trust, foster unity, and make a lasting impact.

Why We Started C.O.P.C.P

Our organization’s journey began with the civilian patrol in response to a series of violent attacks against our community, residents needed support and advocacy. The patrol is a fundamental aspect of our commitment to ensuring community safety every day with both our visible presence and always vigilant volunteers. 

When COVID-19 struck, the calls for help flooded in. With the unwavering support of our board members and generous donors, we were able to provide groceries to those in need, delivered weekly by our dedicated volunteers. When Eid arrived, we made sure that children received toys to their doors, spreading joy amidst the challenging times.

Building on our initial traditions, our volunteers engage in a variety of activities aimed at strengthening community bonds. From assisting with daily tasks to organizing multi-ethnic events that celebrate the diversity of our neighborhoods, we strive to bring people together.

As we continue to grow to adapt to address the needs of our community we expanded our services to offer confidential support for individuals facing domestic violence and to assist with refugee resettlement. To date, we have helped over 8 families find stability, providing assistance with housing, employment, legal and more.

Service Area

City Line, Brooklyn and Ozone Park, Queens

Though our mission reaches far beyond. We extend our services to neighboring communities, especially in providing essential food assistance.

Our Team:

At COPCP, we have a dedicated team of volunteers who share a common passion for community service. Our volunteers undergo extensive training to ensure their readiness in handling various situations. They are the backbone of our organization, contributing their time, skills, and expertise to make a positive difference in the lives of our community members.

Our board members provide leadership and guidance, overseeing the operations of COPCP and making strategic decisions to support our mission and vision.

Iqbal Ali, President

Nazrul Islam, 1st Vice President

Raju Uddin, 2nd Vice President

Shoaib Ali, 3rd Vice President

Souad Bouhayat, Secretary

Samad Uddin, Treasurer

Mohammad Khan, Executive Director

Daniel Hill, Communications Director

Sayed Hassan, Administrative Assistant

Daphney Paul, Pantry Inventory Lead

Iman Bukhari, Events Coordinator

Phil Campbell, Fundraising Coordinator

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